Artist Feature (Open For All)

I’ll be doing ARTIST FEATURES for the rest of May and maybe a week in June 😉

What you have to do is text me (Inbox) your details (Biography) and about your work (Or blog) & I’ll post it.

The more you share the link (Afterwards) the more I get views/followers & the more you get traffic & followers too.
Fair deal,Right ?! Of cause 🙂

TIA 😎 Poetess Dee


Artist Feature (V-Cloud Mabena)

I am Vusi Mabena known as V-Cloud.
I was born and raised in East Rand (Tembisa) Gauteng.I am 24years old.
I’m a Dj,producer and composer.
I recently released a track titled Situation;Afro house track.

I have worked with the the likes of (Producers) :

Eulo Da Quest
Tube Da Dj
Afro Tribe Brothers
Danzito SA

I have also worked with the likes of (Artists) :

Poetess Dee (Six Man & A Pipe)
Felicia (Munchie)
Sive (Imizamo Yam)

I am currently working on an Ep which I will be dropping ending Of June Titled Afro Arising;It’s a 5 Track Ep with vocals and afro beats.

[ ] Question : 1
When did you start producing Music

Answer :
I started 2013 but I was only learning some basics.I was focusing more on Deejaying.

[ ] Question : 2
Who taught you how to produce

Answer :

(Giggles),Well no one really taught me how to produce I only got skills from El-Gueta (Afro Tribe Brothers) and some from Treasured Soul on how to mix and balance.

[ ] Question : 3
Other then being in studio,What are your hobbies

Answer :

(Smiles),Well I mostly go out with my friends or chill with my woman whom I would like to keep private for now (Blush).

[ ] Question : 4
What is your goal in the industry

Answer :

Well,My main goal is to work with alot of big artist such as Toshi,Bucie,Dj Maphorisa,Shimza and many more.
I would also like to create a unique different sounds and would like to produce a house poetry album with Poetess Dee which is something that hasn’t
happened yet.

[ ] Question : 5
Where can people get your music & bookings

Answer :

Well,They can email/contact my manager Cell : 0720437026 (Tebogo)
Email :
Facebook Page : V-Cloud The Greatest
Facebook : V-Cloud Mabena
WhatsApp : 0786941735

Edited by : Poetess Dee


If Its Events,I’m Your Go-To Girl.

Not to brag but hey,There’s nothing in events that I’m unable to do 😎

I may not be a pro (I’m not actually) but I can pull together a decent event and do one hell of a good job (Surely my past events prove that).

If ever you’ve not an event coming up and you need some sort of help,I’m your girl (local,national,international,global) I can pull it off 😊 If must be,Telephonic,e-mail etc.

If it’s anything to do with events,

Poetess Dee is your go-to girl 🤓

Event host(ess)
Event planner
Event organizer
Event coordinator
Event promoter
Event strategist
Event blogger
Artist manager

I’ve done it all,
I’m doing it all,
Don’t think for a second

I don’t know what it takes.

Poetess Dee Shadow

Chubby Cheeks Girl.

In the bellows of my pores,
The salty water that secretes from my eyes,Starts to seep in.
Maybe that’s why my cheeks are so chubby and my face so round.
Pumped full of lost promises,
Lost apologies,
Lost words.

If only you could just take a look at me,Of what you had truly lost.
I am a part of you, after all.
But I am just a face,
And you won’t call.

Poetess Dee


Dating A Feminist !!

Dating a feminist is tedious.You have to double check your statements, statuses, posts, messages to make sure to eliminate every hint of misogyny because if you don’t there is no chance of getting a closure for the next twelve months.You’ll be forced to attend a feminist convention too“.

So said a man dating a feminist woman,He ‘loves’ her so much but he lives in fear of saying/anything wrong.Is that really love though,Is that how we feminists want to be loved,By men ‘loving’ us but being afraid of us too .. ?!

If that’s how it is the I,Poetess Dee,Would rather be without it !! 😎

Never be with someone whom you fear for whatever reason,Never ever !!

Poetess Dee


Dear Poetess .. By Mumu Da Poet.

This poem is written by Mumu Da Poet

And is dedicated to my beautiful self,Thank you friend,Thank you poet .I love it so very much.And on such a day ?! I am much greatful :* 😍



From this time,
Our life has just began,
From this moment,
Can our soul March together?
For years I watched the stars and wished I were them,
But now my vision had been diverged,
From now I need you close,
Listen to the music sang by my heart,
Its a melody of love,
Can you be the lyrics of my rhythm?,

You alone,makes the world revolve and evolute,
You alone,can sell my soul to cease,
Its funny how an individual being,
Can cause a depopulation in my world,
Its way funnier when she can popularize my world with her egnimatic smile,
Dear poetess, sing the tune of my heart,
Like bird a with feathers,
I had flew to many distances,
But I’ve never had wings to carry my heart,
I met you,
I felt the need the spread my wings,
Can you cage my heart ,
While you free my soul,
Can your chubbiness body be my page,
Can your heighten be the depth of my poems,
Can your womanhood,
Be a million reason to let God adorn our being.
Dear poetess, can I water this love ,in my heart like my favourite flower?
Dear poetess help me push this vehicle.