Victim Of Rape .. !!

As a victim of rape, I am often told that I am “strong” and “courageous” because I still manage to speak about it openly with little or no emotions. But the truth of the matter is I am not strong because I still live in fear. I fear the night & dark, I fear for […]

😍 ❤ “I am not what happened to me nor am I what you see. I am what I chose to be & if that is what you see then,It is okay. But that doesn’t mean you know me,It means you know what you see which is what I chose to become”. ❤ ^_^ Good […]

Beauty Dee

I’m in love with my body and all but I haven’t been maintaining it as well as I should and it’s time to let go off all that unwanted fat !! Look into my eyes and see that I – @poetess_dee am a beauty 😎 haha .. It is what it is. Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee