N.S ‘City’ Nthedi – Daddy

Hello Daddy : I love you

I love the way your eyes twinkle
with joy when you’re proud
I love the way your mouth crinkles
as you laugh, booming and loud.

I love the way you clean my mess
when I’m too lazy to care
I love the way you put up with my sass unless
I’m being especially unfair.

I love the way you can find
whatever I have lost
I love the way you always remind
me of things I seem to have forgot.

Lastly, I love the way you know
I love you, even when I never say so

I love you, Dad

You’re an amazing husband

Wonderful dad

Great granddad

Love you to the moon and beyond 😍

Happy daddy day 😗

Poetess Dee



Artist Feature (Stats)


I’m so proud of the Artist Features I’ve been doing in the part few days (Week).

I’ve given these artists a chance to promote & expose their work on the best platform I couI’d offer 😎



It’s not just about them and their work but it also gives me great traffic.I’m happy to report that they too are getting traffic on their works and boom – It is what it is.


And I mean these guys are shiit good.From music – Poertry – Djay – Rap – Hip Hop & so forth. And I’ve worked closely with each one of them 😀 So yeah,I know what I’m talking about.


If you’d like to get in touch with any of these guys,Their information is right there if not,By all means please contact me and I’ll gladly connect you to them.

It’s been a pleasure gents 😀

I look forward to our next encounter.


Poetess Dee


Artist Feature (Jay The Supreme Poet)

Josaya Samuel Langa,Better known as Jay The Supreme Poet was born and raised in Tembisa,Gauteng.He was raised by a single father whom is now late.Jay has two older siblings.

Jay was introduced to poetry in high school,By a friend/class mate – Thulisa Phungula.Since then,He never stop writing nor performing poetry and community theatre.
He has been blessed to share the stage with the likes of Mzwakhe Mbuli, Masoja Msiza,Poetess Dee,Mandi Mvundwa amongst other great performers.

He is the other half of silent voices,
Founder of loxion poetry
And soon will to be launching a clothing line ‘Poetry Invoice’.

Jay The Supreme Poet has recently been under the mentorship/management of Poetess Dee & together,They plan on taking the poetry industry by storm and set new heights (Watch out) for not only themselves but everyone that looks up to them.

His dream is to publish a poetry book.
Favorite quote : Knowing why I was born will give you no reason to cry when I die.

Edited by : Poetess Dee


Artist Feature (Brothers For Life)


Music is like the air we breathe. AFRO-RAP is a genre we created. It is
defined as a fusion of Afro soul and African Hip Hop. Our music
contains positive and realistic lyrical content. We come from a
township called Mohlakeng in Randfontein around the Rand West
City. We are known for killing performances everywhere we go.
We released our lead single “NOKUTHULA” on the 21st of January
2017 on iTunes, Google play, spotify and other retail music outlets.
The song was later made available for free on Reverbnation.
Two months later we shot an HD Music Video and released it on
youtube and the response was positive. We will release another single
on the first of June 2018 titled “MAKHWAPHENI” For free.

We will also drop two more singles afterwards. We tell stories that inspire people of all age groups.
We started to perform our songs as a duo in 2016 and we have been
taking the Gauteng province by storm. We perform on weddings,
anniversaries, graduations, parties, small and big events.

Our music can be found for free here

The link to our music video is as follows https://youtu.be/kMJ7kQ2L01I
For booking contact us on :
0848283583 – NATHI
0634954415 – PINA
@Brothers_SA01 TWITTER


Edited by : Poetess Dee


Cheers To My Girls !!

I struggle to understand how we were able to walk out there standing after,Lord knows how many of those we had.

It wasn’t what I expected it to be but it ended up being a greatass night.You see – When friends get together shiit is gonna go on & It’s going to hit the fan.

But when you with the best of the best,You take that shiit in and clap your hands until it’s everywhere 😂😂

These past few weeks (weekends) have been the greatest,How we got together and had so much fun I have no idea 🤷🏾‍ And I’m not complaining (Except for the tiredness the next day).

We are different from each other but yet so similar & alike 😆 We’re from different worlds but geez the same planet.

With years of friendships I pray it doesn’t stop,We can’t let it stop,We shouldn’t let it stop !! Through all the storms & sunshines,This is sisterhood.

Sisterhood/girlship-hood – Whatever you wanna call it 🙂 With all the troubles & hardships we go through,We stick together & find time to go crazy and blah blah blah (The usual).

The aftermath is amazing too,Yeah wena (You) it’s really unbelievable.

Anyway,I love you girls to the universe,beyond & back 🤗

Thanx for the support too 😗 Ke le rata ka lerato la Thando (I love you beyond what words can describe) 😍😍 So for the last time .. Let’s take a shot & cheers to more/better days !!

Poetess Dee


Artist Feature (Dexter)

Yet another one,Representing my hood – Kempton Park.

He is good at what he does,Give him a chance & see for yourself.

Also he has dropped quite a groovy track (Recently) and it is doing very well.You see – It’s not just only music that he does,But goes beyond & challenge himself too.

Dexswaggweboy 😉 If that is not good art ☝ Then I don’t know what is.

Get him on social media

To know about his projects

Edited by : Poetess Dee