Baby Dee ♡ Mkhulu Mokotla

No lie,For a while I forgot I had a blog (I forgot I was a blogger 😪). Only because I’ve been trying so hard to live this life thing as best as I could. It hasn’t been easy,Nothing about it has been easy !! It’s not to say it’s the hardest but hey,No manual was […]

Death Is Comforting !!

“A Few Nights Ago Death Came For A Visit, Told Her I was Ready To be With Her Forever .. She Said I Shouldn’t Find Comfort In Her For My People Find Comfort In Me – And They Need Me More Then I Could Ever Need Her”. !! Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee_nteddy 🤍 IG:@poetess_dee

I Am Energized!

I’m no photographer but I captured this one pretty well 😊 My spiritual journey is all sorts of things but most of all exciting .. Everyday is something new and every night I go to sleep a different person then I was when I woke up in the morning !! Please don’t disturb my peace,I […]

Dear 2021 ..

Make the next year better then the last one,You’re greater then you think n you’re as powerful as you put your mind to be. Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee_nteddy

How Do You Expect Me To Know ..

Mara you can’t blame meFor speaking ‘perfect’ EnglishAnd not knowing my ownLanguage & culture/traditionsWhen it was you (Parents) whoTook me to the most expensiveModel C schools so I couldKnow/learn the European wayOf doing things !! You cloth me in English,You feed me English,You take me to English school,Put me in English environment,Speak to me in […]

Guess Who’s Back .. !?

Guess who’s back 😊 Yes,Your favorite blogger is back in town and back to run the page (Business) this year has really been a lot and I’m still trying to figure a lot of things out !! I know it will not be easy (What ever is?) But I’m ready for it all !! I’ll […]

Am Not Weak;Just Human !!

Am not weak ; Just human. Narrow pathwaysRocky roadsUneven wavesTerrible weatherSeasons turning against me. I have bled black bloodI have cried black tearsI have seen the dark in day lightI have been left alone in a crowded place I have peeled my own skin offI have decorated my own skin using sharp objectsScars are not […]

Gather Yourself ..

😔 “We have sons & daughters to raise,Your church-commitmentIs not going to buy milk & purity.Get off your Bible and findA real job” 😰 Poetess DeeIG:@poetess_dee

Blood Stains .. !!

Decision : With nice little twist,I slit my wrist… Not waiting life to kill,rather my own blood I spill… It’s my own choice, I have no fears,only pain, in eyes some unshed tears… On the floor, blood making stains,slowly releasing me from my pains… Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,caused by all the pain, […]