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IamTeedo McKrustiie Browniie – You Made Her Cry !!

She cried because of you
She tried providing love to you but you went MIA,
You see things getting nasty instead you still went MIA,
Her heart is too fragile to keep a scumbag like you,
Wetting her pillow every night thinking of you,
Selfish bustard all you could have said is thank you,
Heartbreaks giving her tough time to change,
She proposes departure.

You start pointing fingers at who’s going to be blamed.
Love is not an adventure you know.
Fish wouldn’t survive in water without scales,
You don’t consider her feeling when you lie,
Who’s gonna wipe those tears off your face when she commits suicide and die?

You never really loved her this whole thing was a lie,
Kneeling praying,
Making credit and paying,
Only to buy gifts during your birthday,
Pretend to care much you don’t even know her birth day,
If she found out what you say to these bitches about her,
I swear it’s gonna be your worst nightmare.

Through dark skies and days that shine,
She hoped for good and never hoped for you to deceive her,
You forgot who was there for you,
Niggas outchea tryna get her she stands still for your heart,
You don’t even appreciate her calling you boo,
It’s never precious till its gone,
I hope when she leaves you miserably God denies you light.

How could you let her cry?
I know you don’t really love her but at least try,
You pretend to love but I ask why?
Man she cries at night,
Cuts her wrist till the pigment shines bright,
Write miserable death notes because you,
I think you don’t deserve happiness,
I can’t believe you still smiling in front of people coz when she’s here your vision looks obscured,
See she cries because of you,
She screams because of you,
She lost meaning of Love because of you.

How the fuck do you say you Love her when You know Love is Nothing new to Her,
Do you actually like it when she cries?
Do you even consider her feelings when you lie?
I might sound illuminate I don’t care but I hope you don’t see tomorrow,
Senseless mind your heart is not to borrow,
Love is an observant feeling,
Don’t live life like a film,
I know it comes in different colors,
But .. !!

She more important there’s really no need to impress us.
Wipe her tears,
You more of a hero to her than the three musketeers. 😣💔

Edited By : Poetess Dee


#TotalShutDown March

I will be covering the ‘event’ in the day – As it uncovers and so on 🙂

Excitement levels are on another mosali level nje 😀

Be a part of history and partake with the women of Southern Afrika

And there’s transport for everyone from all coners of Gauteng,You have no excuse.

Contact your region & secure your seat,You’re not too late.Do the right thing mosali 👑 You have daughters & sons to raise !!

Poetess Dee


No Body In Society.

Nobody In Society :

“Where everything ended”
I can’t help but remember the night where everything ended.

The make up running down your face.
The clock stating that it’s 2 AM.

The door of my cheap apartment room closing as I watched you leave.

It’s 2 years later and I’m still in the same apartment room.
Instead of me remembering,
I drink and I forget.

But I slowly begin to realize.
That everything
S t a r t s

To go
b l u r y

And I can’t seem to put the pieces back together.
I wake up and it’s all bleak.
It hits me like shattered glass.
It comes in fragments.

But I’m okay with this.

Because I remember the night it all ended.

Your makeup running down your face.
The clock stating that it’s 2 AM.

You leaving my cheap apartment.
And me staying there.
Just to stay.
And think.
And believe.
And hope.
That someday.
You would finally come home.

Come back to me.

Poetess Dee


You Mourned The Wrong Death !!

I was helpless infront of you
Stranger’s hands wrapped around my neck,
ropes tightly tied around my hands & feet,
They pointed a gun to my head,
and their words pointed a knife to my heart.
As they kill me slowly infront of you,
my screams filled your ears,
the image of my tortured body
was stuck inside your head.
Your body was frozen in place
nothing to do while I was suffering
right infront of you.

– yet you mourned for my death,

You shouldn’t have – Really !!

Poetess Dee


The Other Male Crush

Let’s be go back to the future
Where do I begin,
Where do I not begin,
If not for your voice
I doubt the late night calls
Would be where they are now
It would be unfair of me to
Put aside the smiles I get
When you on the other side.
It’s only been a short while
I know – But hey,Why deny ourselves
Of what this really is ?!

09 July ’92 – Who Would’ve thought
It would be Somesort of blessing,Huh ?!
I’d be stupid to let you but who am I to keep you ?!

I’ll stay in my lane and let you be,
I’ll let you be you without me,
Ill let you be – I’ll let you be.

This is only chapter one
Who knows what the next
Chapters (If any) will be,
I’ll get to you,I’ll get to you last.

[Lustful Monologue Poem]
Poetess Dee

Event Coverage .. !!

Your Your favorite
Your favorite blogger is back 😀

Poetess Dee Blog (poetessdeeblog.wordpress.com/) is growing & this was well received first time and it will go well again ntjamme

Event coverage is back 🙂
Will cover events yet again 🙂
This time though,
I’ll attend the event,
I’ll be present,
I’ll take pictures/vidoes myself,
I’ll do the interviews myself.
I,Poetess Dee,Will do everything myself.

So – Do get in touch,
Send though your event details !!
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