Am Not Weak;Just Human !!

Am not weak ; Just human. Narrow pathwaysRocky roadsUneven wavesTerrible weatherSeasons turning against me. I have bled black bloodI have cried black tearsI have seen the dark in day lightI have been left alone in a crowded place I have peeled my own skin offI have decorated my own skin using sharp objectsScars are not […]

Gather Yourself ..

😔 “We have sons & daughters to raise,Your church-commitmentIs not going to buy milk & purity.Get off your Bible and findA real job” 😰 Poetess DeeIG:@poetess_dee

Blood Stains .. !!

Decision : With nice little twist,I slit my wrist… Not waiting life to kill,rather my own blood I spill… It’s my own choice, I have no fears,only pain, in eyes some unshed tears… On the floor, blood making stains,slowly releasing me from my pains… Bloody stains, stains like in my soul,caused by all the pain, […]

KlipCity Fm

Your favorite poetess is here tomorrow, Please do tune in & have a blast with me 💜 and the amazing host !! Of cause I’ll give you all a taste of my new project and what I’ve been up to since covid 19 – I’m still in stock quarantine bit it’s not stopping my art […]

I’m Still Alive & smiling !!

Just an update,I’m still alive ☺️ My quarantine is unfortunately not over as yet but I’m being on strongly & doing what I can to keep going. As you all know (Been aware),I’ve been away for some time & unfortunately I’ll be away for even more time !! To everyone that’s been checking up on […]

Off Social Media 😔

Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances I have to be off Social Media (AGAIN) for some time, I don’t know when I’ll be back 😔 Until such time – Take good care of yourselves and remember to STAY HOME #StayHome #LockDown #Quarantine Continue with your poetry, The art don’t stop – EVER !! If you urgently […]

I have been away from social media because I am social distancing 😝 I wasn’t going to participate in any Covid-19 challenges because I really don’t understand it and yes – It’s up to me to research but with so many fake news – How does one know what to believe and what not to […]

Control Magazine (Online Magazine)

Introduction : Control Magazine is a fresh and vibrant online magazine that is focused on liberating young minds by bringing content that is informative, motivational and invigorating to the growth of South African youth. We encourage and support talent, entrepreneurship and young brilliance. Anyone who is making a difference in the pop culture community and […]

Apologise To All !!

Apologies on not communicating – I am currently out of my country and the network here is pretty bad. Unfortunately I can’t reveal exactly where I’m at (GH) and why because .. !! To all Poetess Dee Nteddy (Pty) Ltd. artists + others, I apologise for the inconvenience caused. Promise to communicate once I land […]