Not Worth It.

Imagine Having To Go Through Your Partner’s Phone Tryna Figure Out Who ‘Palesa’ is And How Long They’ve Been Shagging .. Baby Girl,Tswa Daar (Let Go) .. Not worth It !! Poetess Dee IG:@poetess_dee

I’m No Superwoman

I’m No Superwoman I am not superwoman, I carry around guns for protection. I have killed many And never was sorry. I have stolen from men who have stolen from others. Do not look at me as a savior, Not even as a big sister, because I am nothing of a role model. Poetess Dee […]

Moon Black – Phelokazi Ngaleka

“You know – She is like the sun, Radiating beauty naturally and everlasting” There is something about this woman, There is something about her beauty, It could be her white teeth that shine through the pink lips It could be her white eyes cleaned by the grey tears It could be her complexion, Her darkness […]