Is it ever too late ??


I can not wait for day I look at my finger & see a reflection,
My second smallest finger brings me happiness,
So small yet determines future.

Its all mama talks about,
“Time is running out” she shout.
But does it really,
Is it ever too late really ??

Yes,Most of my childhood friends have crystals on their fingers,
Yes,Most of them are brightened by diamonds,
I’d like that too some time !!

Gran always said ” The amount of diamonds a girl wears
Represent the amount of tears she’ll weep”.

Is it true gran,Did you really mean that or were you just sayings that so I don’t over being myself ??
Gran,Please tell mama to wait a little more,
Let me get my life in order,
Let me be independent,
Let me be the sole power of my happiness,
Let me being my neck,wrist/ears
Before my finger … But
Is it ever too late ??

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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