A Girls First.

Nothing is as special as a girls first time,
She embraces it,
Plans for it from the day she knows about it,
Imagines how it’ll be,
Practices how it’ll take place,
In her head .. Its all perfect !!

A girls life is a dream,
A dream that comes with vision,
A vision so clear & wide
That every/anyone would like to be a part of.

The problem comes when she meets
Her prince charming,
The perfect guy to do the perfect deed with,
She shares all she can,
She gives her all,
Makes sure he’s well taken care of
And he is satisfied in all ways.

All she wants .. All she asks for is for him
To be patient,understanding & sensitive.
Does he do that ?? No.
Does he respect that ?? No.
Does he wait for her ?? No.

He dream comes crushing down,
So fast that it almost passes her by
But,She collects herself and obeys to his cries,
The next time they together,
She doesn’t stop him,
She doesn’t resist,
She closes her eyes and Imagen’s it’s as she always wanted it to be like – Though its not .. Far from it !!

When all is done,
She knows its gone ..
She bleeds,
She cries,
She regrets,
The deed has been done,Over and done with.

He weeps her blood off,
Wipes her tears & still asks why she’s crying (Topical guy),
She quickly wipes her tears off,
Shacks her head,
Forces a smile & proclaims she’s okay.

They both lie down,
In her head she knows it was not the way it was supposed to be,
She is disappointed in herself,
She knows its gone – Gone forever !!

She can do it a million more times,
Be it with the same guy or not …
But with every guy – Its special !!

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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