Allow Me !!

Allow me to let you into my life,
Allow me to defend myself,
Allow me to explain myself to you,
Allow me to make society understand,
Allow me … Allow me !!

I am young and full of energy,
I am young and enthusiastic,
I am young and talented,
I am young and beautiful.

I am on a journey to find myself,
I am on a journey to discover myself,
I am on a journey to do to me,
I am on a journey of life.

So many have misunderstood me,
So many have judged me,
So many have mislead me,
So many have rejected me,
So many have given up on me.

Some have thrown me into church;
Yelling prayers saying I’m cursed,
Some have taken me to traditional healers;
Yelling that my forefathers don’t recognize me,
Some have set my home on fire;
Yelling that I’m a witch,
Some have tried to kill me;
Yelling that I’m not human.

But I don’t get it …
These are the very same people that shout “BE YOURSELF”
And when I do that they turn and yell “NOT LIKE THAT”.
How then … The way they do it ??

If I follow them then I am a follow and a fake
And that’s not who/what I am …
I am an individual,
I am my own person,
I am the perfect me.

How is it my life if I live by their rules ?!?
Allow me to be me .. Allow me to do me !!


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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