Colour Blocking.

Some call it summer
While others say it’s spring,
Others would proclaim its the season of rain
While others would say its the season of rainbows,
Others love it for the bright colour flowers
While others hate it for the pollen.

Some rock up in shorts
Others in short skirts,
Some rock up in sandals,
Others in flip flops
Some chill & stroll by the beach,
Others chill & chat by the pool.

In my world – There’s what is called COLOUR BLOCKING,
Colour blocking is really literary wearing & dressing up in cloths that block peoples eyes … Even the sun itself.

Call it what you may,
Say what pleases you ..

In South Africa you know its summer time when you come across this guy – COLOUR BLOCKING at its best ..
Oh and of cause the shades !!


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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