to the pretty girl with dreads whom i met stumbling down the strip last night around 1:30, i never asked your name.

you were drunker than i, which is an impressive feat. i followed you into a greasy dimly lit punk rock bar and we danced to 80’s sex pop.

i remember i twirled you.

at last call you asked where i lived and then laughed when it wasn’t within walking distance. you led me by the hand to your house.

descending the stairs into your basement room, you referred to yourself as a “cellar dweller” and we both laughed at that.

i met your dog and he liked me. you offered me a beer but took off your pants instead.

we had all kinds of anonymous sex for an hour and twenty three minutes and then i left without cuddling. you were already nearly asleep.

i left my wallet tangled in your sheets.

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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