What Do They See ?

What Do They See?

When they look at me
What do they see?

A girl with patience
Someone a little crazy
A lady with confidence
Someone who can be lazy

A human being with knotty hair
A woman who chills with her cat
A chick with feet always bare
Someone who may be a little fat

A daughter who would rather spend time with her dad
A girl that thinks she’s a swell singer
A lady who dreams of having a lad
A person who could have a job as a thinker

An earth child that adores nature
A chick that enjoys every simple thing
A woman with a strong future
A soul that has much more to bring.


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


4 thoughts on “What Do They See ?

  1. I really don’t have sufficient knowledge of this chick we just acquainted on FB, what mostly intrigued me is her poetic hustle, I’m proudly convinced that she’s on Point! #Bless 🙂

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