Heritage Day.

I’ve never really celebrated Heritage day,
Don’t really have a reason but its something I don’t engage in,
Don’t know much about history too
But I’m convinced that Heritage should be celebrated each day,
Why just one day,
Why be proud of who you are for just a day,
Why allow someone to even choose that day for you,
Why be limited ??

What exactly is it that you celebrating anyway,
Your culture or maybe
Your traditions or maybe
Your religion or maybe
You don’t even know too …
Have you really sat & thought of it ??

Allow me to tell you this ..
The Heritage you celebrate
Is the very same as the culture/tradition that kills twins,
The very same that marries off a 12year old to a 60year old,
The very same that allows one man to twelve wives,
The very same that says man listens to woman,
The very same that says a woman’s place is in the kitchen.

And yet,And yet …
You don’t agree to that,
You say its wrong and shouldn’t be done,
You are against it,
Even your government agrees that its a no-no
However,You scream its your culture
And its who you are.

Allow me to question you [This] ..
What is this culture/tradition you speak off,
Who came up/invented it,
Where does it come from/is it going,
Why does it divide people,
How is it celebrated/does it come about ??

An African proverb says :
“You need to know where you come from
In order to know where you going”
Therefore obviously Africans will point to their Heritage,

Everyday men are killed,
Everyday women are violeted,
Everyday children are molested,
Everyday there’s war,

Old women are accused of being witches,
Sangoma’s are called horrible names,
Woman are insulted when wearing short skirts/tops
Men are disrespected when they don’t drink/smoke,
But …
Are sangoma’s not traditional doctors,
Did Africans not walk unclothed ??

What Heritage are you celebrating,
How can you support one point & not the other,
Dear black child,Make up your mind !!

South African Heritage Day – 24/09/15

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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