what Makes Ne Beautiful ??

What makes me beautiful ??

Is it the fake nails,
Fake eyelashes,
Cut & redrawn eyebrows,
Eye shadows or
Perhaps the dust on my face ??

Is it the tight jeans,
Short dresses/skirts or shorts,
Shirts that show my belly buttons,
Night highs or
Perhaps wedges ??

Is it the compliments from family,
From friends,
From strangers,
From someone’s husband or
Perhaps you ??

Allow me to tell you –
Its self appreciation,
Self confidence,
I am sexy,sassy,

I represent beauty as it is,
You may comment on my flaws,
How fat I am,
My bad walk,
My not so straight teeth,
My laughter !!

Go on ..
Go ahead and keep talking,
Yet know this – I am beautiful.
I make ME beautiful !!

IamCandypru PrudenceKhabonina Mokwena &
Dee-Kay Dfive Nthedi

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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