Fat & Alone.

He sits alone, back to the wall

The fat guy. The one who sits with his back to the wall.

The one who doesn’t make small talk.

He’s serious, and smart and he smiles when he comes in to work.

He seems successful, and eats beans for lunch. He’s a little awkward once in a while. A single dad.

Well he’s me, and I’m all alone. My heart’s still broken from 6 years ago. And life goes on. We file a patent, and life goes on. We get the bad news, and life goes on. It’s the weekend.

I’m a person. The cat’s on my belly, and I’m alone. 41, grow up. 41, and life’s gone by. Wasted time. I’m off to Indonesia now.

Building a solar heater in case the shit hits the fan, to keep my daughters warm. In the winter. Just in case. It’s falling apart, this country. The world. That’s all I’ve got. No fortress, no fortune just a homemade box… and some caulk.

I’m drinking sweet tea, and I’m all alone. You’ll be fine, she said, and life goes on. That’s all there is. Life goes on.

By : Tedly Bare

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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