Writing With Reason.

Your writing gives sensation to my thinking
Your kind of thinking gives inspiration to my poems
Your style of putting words together creates a smile of motivation to my being

I like the way you hold your pen
Then you start creating beautiful  words that we fall in love with
I like how you place your fingers on that home-key
Because when you press on that letter and start typing you create magic that interrupts and gives technology a headache

You are the spirit uplifter
Every word written by you beholds sincerity
It carries great integrity
Dear lovely poets
You give me a reason for writing
The reason why poetry will always be the first on my priority list
Dear writers
Keep those pens drilling with ink
That colourful blood will always be dripping on my paper

Dear fellow writers
Dearest poets/poetess’
lets keep writing
and be the reason why people must be thinking


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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