A Rising Warrior.

Some said he was born in the wilderness
With no love nor a warm heart.
He was labeled to be cold and heartless,
So many said he was a nobody,
A mere shadow of what could’ve been supreme – however,There’s something about him.

Oh yes there is …
See – He is more then an empty vessel walking about the earth,
He is a warrior – A true warrior.
A warrior that doesn’t give up,
One that knows he waning of protection.

They thought his time had one and gone
Little did they know that he was a warrior to create history.
A memory lane history,
One that would inspire others,
A memory lane that world heal the nation,

Some proclaimed he wouldn’t  make it the in life,They spoke him badly.

From zero to hero,
His time is coming
And when it does his family Wii
Remember him ..
They’ll remember they lost a member ..
They Wii however be reunited.

Time is coming,
The earth shall know & meet the warrior,
The spoken will be silenced,
He will come marching upon four pillars of the earth …

By :Lunga Phewa & Dkay

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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