Freak Gang !! Disgrace !!


Everyone saying this is dope pic please comment with your nude pictures here for the world to see. But wait, you ain’t gonna do that coz you respect yourself, right? See, everybody deserves to be treated with some respect & dignity …more so  the dead.

Are you telling me that you gonna see “art” in disrespecting people who cannot defend themselves? When did we get to such low level as the people? Also, if these sorry ass pricks would’ve stood on your deceased relative’s tombstone; would you still feel great about it? I don’t think so. Unless of course you are also suffering from moral bankruptcy like these idiots.

Let’s put things to perspective a bit, shall we? What is the ultimate purpose of this picture? Art is supposed to unite people, spread message of positivity and inspire. What sort of inspiration would you draw from this? Take a closer look at these guys in this pic, do they strike you as the type of people you would want to associate with in any way? If so, why would that be?

Mmmmmmh! Ok, how about this, the person who posted this and tagged his friends…. Did you see his middle name? These are a bunch of disrespectful retards period! There are kids doing wonderful things in their hoods that are not celebrated and you tell me you are fascinated by this?

Y’all need serious reality check man. All I see is a bunch of schizophrenic, attention seeking fools with nothing else to offer than to violate other people’s spaces. Period!


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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