Well … !!

Up for debate :

I went to an all white school
When I began school.
Then I went to a white school (Mostly white teachers & black students).
Then I ended up at a multiracial school.

I grew up with white people.
I played play station,
I had ice skating classes,
You can think of.

While I did that,My fellow black
Mates played skipping rope,
Skop die bal,
Soccer/netball made of plastics.


Some call me a brat .. Say I’m too spoilt
And I don’t know WHO I REALLY AM !!
Uhm – Excuse me …
Last I checked I was black,
I speak/read/write proper SeSotho,
I know my traditions,
I know my culture,
Do I practice them ?? That’s a story for another day.

If you so AFRICAN … Why do u speak/read/write a western language ..
Why do you have a phone,Huh … That’s white people stuff !,

Any who,
“White people don’t do African weddings
But black people do White weddings” !!

Up for debate.

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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