She begins to speak,

I am cold and alone in this dark place
asking so desperately 
for these nightmares to be erased
I ached, I screamed 
I bled
but no one was listening to me
I am torn apart
my soul tremors with anxiety
I have been robbed,
something precious has been stolen from me

You cannot see my wounds 
I bleed,
but I do not let anyone see
I cannot seem to cry, 
no matter how hard I try

My emotions feel like ice and I am frozen by fear
even though I could spill a thousand tears
I was told to keep it a secret
and now I am locked up in this prison cell
I cannot speak of what has happened
because I promised, I wouldn’t tell

I was only a child
He stole my innocence
and took what I did not want to give
I am in so much pain
It hurts to even breathe
Everyday, it is a struggle to find a reason to live

The shock, the trauma
My soul, my heart and spirit,
have been raped
Now I find every means possible
to find some reality escape
I throw down another scotch or bourbon
to numb myself even more
I would not destroy myself like this
If someone would give me a reason to live for

I am so afraid and locked within myself
I want to scream out for help
but I don’t trust, 
Trust was also stolen from me
I am now living an isolated life
A life of worthlessness and insecurity

I feel hopeless and I hide behind my smile
I don’t even know anymore
how to be a child
I grew up fast, because I had to do things
I didn’t understand at the time
I had to be a woman when I was not
My innocence stolen
I was violated by this crime
I am suffocating in my shame
If you look into my eyes
You will see the extent of my pain

Can anyone hear me? 
Can you hear my desperate call?
Can someone rescue me from these prison walls?
I need to know what its like to breathe 
because I am suffocating here
I am consumed by this overwhelming fear

God! Are you there?
I have heard that Jesus will make my life brand new
But what about all the pain, will He remove that too?
Will He replace all the parts of me, which were robbed
Can I be healed, if I came to you, God?
What can you do? 
Can you fix what has been broken?
Can You silence all the echoing words
inside my mind, which I still hear spoken?
Can You restore what has been torn apart
Can You comfort this terrible ache inside my heart?

God responds,

“My child, I hear you!

do you want to talk to Me?
I was there through it all, 
I saw everything that has happened to you
and I really want you to know
I am listening to your desperate call
My heart aches, for you
I am here My child,
What do you want me to do?

I cannot give back what has been taken away
But I can restore, and in time, replace
I can embrace you with my perfect love
and blow away your fear
I can listen and let you know I am here
I will understand, 
and you can pour out your pain
I can take away all your guilt and shame

We will have to do this together, My child
Be patient, because it wont all happen over night
You will battle and struggle, but this you will know
That I will be here, My Child you are not alone
Cry, scream, give it all to Me!
Let it go, express yourself, 
tell me if you are angry
Tell me all; with Me you can be real
I already know everything you feel

Come to Me, My precious child
and lets us have it out
I don’t mind if you yell at Me and shout
I don’t mind if you are angry
I don’t mind, if at times you 
cannot find the words to say to Me

I will be here, when you are ready to begin
and I will give you a reason to live
I know you are broken, and torn apart
but I will replace the emptiness you feel inside your heart
I promise, I will never leave,
even in the times when things get ugly
My Child, you are so precious, 
I am you Heavenly Father, just be real with Me
I will be here always
I also ache, because I feel your pain
You do not have to ever feel alone again

The answer to your question, 
Can Jesus make your life brand new?
Yes, My child, He can, 
He will transform and heal you.
It will take some time,
Months, maybe even years
Just know, that now
It’s no secret anymore, 
Don’t be afraid, My precious, child
Your Heavenly Father is here.

I will take you as you are
Broken and torn apart
I will love you
With a love that is true
and I promise
I will never leave or ever forsake you
I Love you so much, My Child
and I have always known
the pain behind the smile
I have waited for you to come to Me
I want to heal you 
and allow your soul to be at peace

I want to restore what has be broken
I want to replace what was stolen
But I can only do this if you let Me in
and allow me to heal
the pain you feel within
Be patient as we work together
I will hold you hand
Throughout the stormy weather

I promise you this,
When the healing has been accomplished
and I have replaced what has been stolen from you
You will be my witness and testify
Yes! Jesus can make all things new.


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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