Poetry Means.

Poetry is still a misunderstood form of art even today. There are different genres even within poetry itself. The truth is poetry is also complex and exciting, and there are a lot of things people still do not know about this underrated art of ours. So we took the liberty of compiling a few facts you may or may not know about poetry.

1. Poetry is not only about love
People seem to think of love poems every time they think of poetry. It is true that love poems popularised poetry, especially Shakespeare’s sonnets. Poetry is used to express different emotions therefore there are different forms of poetry like elegies, ballads and epics to name a few. Poetry just like any other art form is used to express varying emotions and to highlight different situations.

2. You can study poetry
Most people are not aware that poetry is offered as a major subject in many universities. When studying poetry in tertiary level the studies go beyond what you were taught in high school. Studying poetry at tertiary level entails learning about the origins of poetry, its long history and all the poets that revolutionised poetry, terminology and the conventional and modern techniques of writing poetry to name a few things.

3. The haiku
This is perhaps the most popular type of poetry. A haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of only seventeen syllables. It has three lines with five syllables, seven and another five syllables.

4. Poems don’t have to rhyme
From an early age everyone is given the impression that all poems need to rhyme. This is actually not true; a poet can write what is called a free verse or blank verse. This is basically a poem that does not have any end rhymes of any kind. There is no rule that states that all poems need to rhyme unless you are writing a type of poem that is required to have a specified rhyming pattern like a sonnet.

5. Poetry can be a career
Poets can make a living out of poetry. The two most popular ways to be make a living out of poetry is to be a performing poet or a published poet or both. Even though it is hard to get publishing houses to invest in poetry, numerous poets make a good living from their books.

6. Poetry can be fused with music
Poetry can be recited over music. This is actually a technic that is being used by various modern poets for their poetry albums. There are also poets that collaborate with other artists, DJs and producers and recite poetry over their tracks.

7. Every culture has its own kind of poetry
Poetry is the oldest form of self-expression and even though the most famous poets are English poets different cultures around the world have their own kind of poetry. As mentioned above the Japanese created the haiku and in Africa there is praise poetry.

8. Biggest selling poets
Shakespeare, Lao-Tzu, and Khalil Gibran are the highest selling poets of all time.

9. Metrophobia and Metromania
I bet you have probably never heard of these two words before, Metrophobia is a word that describes a fear of poetry, yes not everyone loves poetry. Metromania is described as the compulsion to write poetry and that would make all poets metromanic most of the time.

10. Poetry can be therapeutic
There are people that struggle with expressing their emotions verbally. These people are sometimes adviced to use poetry to express their emotions and release some of the anxiety they have.

Bonus fact: The 21st of March is Poetry Day

These are just a few of the hundreds of facts about poetry, you can take time to learn about more of them. Feel free to share any of those that you know.

Though Enlightened core ..
I’m sorry

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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