Such Men Stil Exist.

So Nkululeko Ngwazi (Facebook name) posted this .. His words not mine !!

“I’m seeing a lot of guys posting statuses about ‘ms.independent’,and how attractive a woman who pays her bills is !!

Call me old school but this worries me.
What happened to men being providers?
Gents if you don’t provide for your woman then whats your ROLE in her life?

If you date me I GOT YOU financially
Simple.I don’t mean take over her expenses
But her hair,clothes,pocket money – That’s me.


If you don’t agree with me then don’t complain when
Youblose your girl to a guy like me.
She’s not a gold digger – The problem is that you were (are) not playing your role!!

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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