Am I The Wrong One ??

Yesterday (25/12/15) was an awesome & special day.
I had wished for some people to come & spend it with me
But due to certain things they were unable to.
And then there are those that swore & promised they
Would come but when the time came .. They weren’t
Taking my calls,Their phones were being answered by
Other people & then they were off.

Its really sad that my “besties” weren’t there to witness
What went down .. Its okay though.One day I’ll
Forgive them but for now I’m greatly hurt & disappointed.
Yesterday proved to be the one day that shows who
My best buddies are and those that’d come through
For me.


Great things are coming my way …
With or without friends – I strive to move forward !!
I am Poetess Dee & I depend on no one but the one above.

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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