He Sexually Abused My Daughters.

He Sexually Abused My Daughters :

I come from a family of nine.
I’m third child and the first one in my family to go to university.It was a big blow when my mom passed away in the early 80’s.Five years later,My dad also died.

I remained at home with my elder sister,
Who lived with her husband in a backroom in our yard.
My younger brother was at tertiary and he rarely came home.My other sisters lived with their in-laws.
I used to help my elder sister and her family with whatever they needed.When she had her third child,She stopped working and decided to go and live in a rural village where she and her husband built a house.But my brother-in-law continued working and living in the backroom in our yard.Most of the time,He would sit in his room.

At this stage,I had a child of my own.
I married my childs father when the child is a year and six months old.After getting married,My husband and I lived in my family home.But after having three children,We decided to buy our own house and move out.We moved to a near y suburb but things changer later.My husband and I had differences and eventually divorced.

This is sadly also the time I learnt that my daughters were being molested my brother-in-law while at the family house.I don’t know how old my daughters were when it started,I found out two decades later.
My brother-in-law would molest them whenever I sent them to give him food in the back room.I was blind to the shenanigans that were taking place in his room.I only knew when my daughter brought it to my attention.

My daughter was 25 when she told me about the sexual abuse.
I remember that day very well,She said “Mama!,Do you and your siblings know that Uncle Leeto is a psychopath and a child molester?”
I was shocked.My heart started beating fast.I had so many questions.How were they when it started? How did he do it? Why didn’t they say anything to me? Who else did he molest?
I wasn’t sure I wanted the answers though.When my eldest daughter confirmed her sisters story,My world fell apart.I wished I could turn back the hands of time -Collect evidence and send my brother-in-law to jail.

We confronted my brother-in-law and he didn’t deny it.Unbelievable!
He asked for forgiveness and said the devil made him do all those things.We did not want to press charges so we left everything in Gods hands.
I have not forgotten what brother-in-law did but I have forgiven him.
I have taken the two for counselling,The other found her own way to deal with it.
I pray they heal everyday!

I am Poetess Dee and this is my story.

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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