“We are not poets;We are living – Hence we are the mandate the society.”

We are Tell’Apathy,
A trio from Gauteng and we come to you with this :

Poetry is the essence of life,
It’s what keeps us going,
It’s what we love to do,
It’s who we are.

We run a project on #PayThePoet.
If all other occupations are able to get basic salaries why can’t we poets ??
This is the question on every poets mouth and we are here to solve it.

Tell’Apathy will be running poetry sessions around the theme #PayThePoet which will be ran by Bongiwe Khumalo (Bee_Kay) & Dieketseng Nthedi (Dee-Kay) whom are the females within the group.Behind them is Aobakwe Leballo (Kevin Hadez) … The creative master.

We want to empower women and encourage them to come forward and let their voices & cries be heard.
Our target is in two categories ..
The teenagers (12-18years) and adults starting at 19.

As Tell’Apathy is ran by students it means that our finances are down low.
We need sponsors to get going be the best we can be.

You may get a hold of us via social media :
Facebook : Tell’Apathy
Twitter : @TellApathy
Email :

For more information please contact :
Dee-Kay : +27 72 428 7610/

Bee_Kay : +27 84 346 0933/

Kevin : +27 84 906 5635/

“I am not a poet;I am poetry to the society”
#PayThePoet is coming soon.
Stay blessed 🙂


Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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