When I Combine Titles.

Titles by : Ndumiso Ngcobo & Bongani Will IamSitimela
Born frees are drug addicts•Curse of the tongue

Born in 1994
I am referred to as a born free
Told that I am special for I was born
When my country changed.
Born at a time
when democracy hit the land,
When Mandela became president,
When black people cast their first votes,
When black people could express themselves,
When apartheid ended,
When ANC became the ruling party.

As special as we born free’s are
We are often told we useless,
We are often told we are a lost generation,
We are often told about how lucky we are,
We are often told we don’t appreciate life.

Our elders yell at us
We get wasted with alcohol,
We get high with weed,
We get ruined with pregnancy,
We use sex to fix the unfixable,
We lose our lives with all sorts of things
But mostly we are regarded as drug addicts.

“Born frees are drug addicts”
They say.
They curse us,
They throw insults at us,
They swear,
They do their best to bring out the worse in us
But they don’t mean to …
They do it with good intentions,
To show us the right way of living.

Born frees we are ..
Born in 1994 we are ..
Born after 1994 we were.

If you were born before then …
Be glad you don’t have to deal with elders that do nothing with their lives but sit under the trees and observe us .. Born frees.

Nevertheless we don’t love them any less.
Or at least I know that we better then that …
Or jwang ma born free,huh ??

Poetess Dee Nthedi

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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