Just another day

Just  Another Day

It’s long
And meaningless
No point at all

I stand
Slight of build
About 6 feet tall

Drifting here
Drifting there

Praying and meditating
Who really cares

Jesus was poor
They hated him too

Sitting in the garden
Nothing to do

All I hear
Is talk of “bills”

The absurdity
Of human existence
Oh what a thrill

Call me lazy
I don’t even care

That piece of wood
Just sits over there

If I am one day
Kicked out 
Of my home

I’ll pray to Jesus
Who sits 
On his throne

I’m not responsible
I don’t even care

Life is mostly
A meaningless joke
It’s not even fair

I don’t have
Any desires 
Or goals

Just to barely
Do anything
And to grow old

So here is to
The emptiness
The meaningless
Of it all

Human life 
Bores me
I don’t even care

Too many distractions
So there

I went to Huntington Gardens
One place I love

And there I saw 
A small white dove

And happy people
Showing each other love

I like being alone
That is my way

Today is just
Another day

And I could care less
If I don’t get paid

Poetess Dee Nthedi

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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