Life was sucked out of me,
This is a tale of how Rosie killed me.

This is love death :

Being a young man I did not listen,
The rose blossomed in spring
And even in winder,I still managed to see the beauty in it.
It had many many layers,
Layers of every season and emotion a man would want,
It was red and at times pink,
The body was green and at times brown,
Its feet were invisible .. I gave it water every day.

And then one day … Mama saw me stare at this perfect plant,
Mama grabbed me and told me to go near it,
Mama proclaimed it was bad for me,
Mama shouted and banned me from the garden,
Mama did her best to protect me.

I did not understand why mama reacted the way she did,
I mean .. Its just a rose,A beautiful one at that
I tried to reason with mama but my plead fell to deaf ears,
I gave her breakfast in bed,
Rubbed her feet,
Did the dishes,
And everything she always had to bribe me before I did it.

But mama didn’t barge for any of it.
So one day,I sneaked out in the early hours before dawn,
I went off to the garden with a can of water in hand,
As usual,I watered the beautiful plant,
Sat there on the mad and smiled.

And then suddenly,
As though waking up,The rose spoke to me …
I was shocked but not too shocked to scream nor run away,
The rose opened up,
A face appeared and I saw the most beautiful smile,
I slowly reached out to touch its face.

My hand was covered in water,
I didn’t mind at all,
As though sucked by the water snake.
I leaned to kiss it,I kissed it,
My hands around its spicky yet sexy body,
I fell in for it,
I made love to Rosie.

I was in heaven,
I was in love with a plant,
A plant goddammit,
Who does that;If not a fool to love ??


Mama warned me about Rosie
And that’s how I died,
Rosie sucked life out of me !!

{Written as though I was a guy}
Poetess Dee

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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