Dumelang dumelang 👼🏾👼🏾 I’m hooking up a team.
Wanna do a documentary based on an artists everyday life kinda thing.The artist will of cause be a poet(ess).Its low profit and will have to hook up our own resources. Payment then comes after we have completed it and sell it (Should we go that route).


What the team consists of is:
A photo/videographer,
A location (Wanna have it both in the township and suburbs),
Poets (Thinking maybe 10max)
Would be lekker if we had different races/genders.
Someone good with IT/Graphics/designing
And whatever y’all think would be necessary.
If u have interest, Halla at me.

I’m based in Kempton Park ..
So,It’ll probably take place in Kempton Park/Tembisa/Midrand

Poetessdeeblog.wordpress.com/ ||
072 428 7610 || NthediDD@gmail.com
Poetess Dee Nthedi.

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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