I have hit the stage of my life now where I really need to admit to my self that I am an adult.

I remember being 17 and a customer in the supermarket I worked at referring to me as the lady to her child. I thought it was funny then and still kind of do now.

I go to work each day with the ‘real’ adults and kind of feel like a fraud amongst the married/parental types that I work with – in my brain I am too young for that lark!

I bump into friends from school and friends of my parents who I haven’t seen for years and they ask me, quite bluntly, ‘any children yet?’ My brain screams ‘Urgh no I do not!’ my mouth however betrays that thought to explain the polite excuses, Uni, Job, Car, Holidays …as though I need to justify my choices.


But again I feel like I am explaining … I do not need to explain.

I do not have a job, I have a career. A career that I love. Now I certainly could stand to be paid a bit more each month and some days I consider giving it all up to become a street mime, but mostly I enjoy my work. I get to travel, meet people and attend events that I would never have the opportunity to see in my real life. Corporate land opens the world up and gives me different options. Working away for days/weeks on end would not work with home commitments – this is my choice.

What bothers me is the ‘oh’look that I receive from the friends from school and friends of my parents, it is as if they are saying poor you.

I get it, you love your children, you love your life and you couldn’t be without the little darlings (and thank you for sharing via Facebook every time they eat, sleep or poo – it really is precious.)

I truly am very happy for them, each of us are different and strive for different things, for some this is a family life – I genuinely wish you the best with that.

For me, my latest goal is to blag my way to our Mexican office for 6 weeks and then see what happens next

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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