A Case For Wings.

A Case For Wings

she sits on limbs of a broken tree
unsure why she is perched so precariously
by her mother, maybe her father;
keeping her safe, lifting her up,
away from straight-line furrow
of her father’s brow, her mother’s pinned look
like the eye of a bird filled by plaster
at the taxidermist her father took her to,
like a butterfly hanging on to a T-pin

she crouches down in crook of a tree
making a nest in bowl of a missing limb,
sky settling over her like plastic wrap
that you poke holes in or one with bubbles
you pop with your fingers to drown out sounds
of shrieks of kites cutting through butter light
before skree of night hawk’s plunge
out of heaven to pull up just before a meeting
of flesh to ground 

she feels bark pressing against her shins;
a beautiful hurt that would stay but a moment,
unlike black scar of sap where tree bled
and stuck to her hands because she gripped so hard
to keep from falling like chick from nest 
into a raw world of thick grass where blood
would be sucked up so there would hardly be a sign
of her snap and crack

fall’s frenzied flail of leaves is over,
she hears rough old skin of leaves wrinkle
as she leans in for better balance
hearing nothing but whir
of sleeping squirrels all tangled up
in their furry knot for a long sleep
but suddenly sees her mother’s reaching arms
ready to receive her, to bring her down
into her protection that will only hold her
when it can and her father’s broad hand
bracing, or pushing, her mother’s back
away from a cushioned fall

she knows endings when she experiences them,
when she hears them;  they are sobs in night
winding across hallway, a man’s
heavy voice weighting down floors
of her home where her toys hang
like sorry soldiers, in cardboard boxes,
of her parents war ; her mother’s SUV stuffed
tight to windows with anything that would fit
sitting parked in the driveway

she wrenched herself free of it,
wishing for wings

Stay Blessed : Dee 🙂


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