I Left My Ex For My Boyfriend;Who Left Me For His Girlfriend.

To My Ex-Boyfriend :

Seven years our relationship grow
Seven years true love flow
On the seventh year, infidelity rise up
Long distance love I can’t stand up.
I love you, but I became so unfair
I need to let you go
I don’t intend to hurt you
I swear I love him too
These feelings I can’t bear
I can’t handle this – I just can’t flare.
I’m sorry but I need to set you free
I don’t wanna cause more pain for you.
So just flee I love you,But I need to let go I hurt u so bad even though you loved me so.

To my boyfriend :

Our love was mutual,
Our love was pure,
We don’t have a future,
What made you so sure,
Why did you make promises you couldn’t keep,
Did it make you happy?
Watching the one you love weep, You said its over – Move on.
Love never ends,
it isn’t a song.

You promised you will spend your life with me,
I trusted you blindly,With your eyes in my eyes,
I still can’t think, Can’t see, You were my lover, my child
my guardian, my friend !!
After you have left it feels like my life has come to an end, Please come back I promise I will never fight,
Even when you will be wrong I will admit you are right,
Because you the only one I ever loved and I feel incomplete,
I hope I will wake up tomorrow and all this will be a dream.


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