One Of The Best Pieces !!

[04/07 21:29] 🎤Poetess Dee🎤: Your lies :

Funny how things never change
even when you say they will
but while you off (with her)
my life is standing still.

You tell me that you love me,
when I go to
leave you,
you tell me I’m your one and only,
And I let myself believe it.

I know that you using me
but you’ll never let me go
I know that you don’t
love me,
I know I’m just a show off
for you.

I don’t know if I
can stand to see you
be with another girl,
I don’t know if I can stand
to see you love another girl.
You know that you broke
my heart,
You know that you
are my world.

But while you standing by my side
I’ll believe your lies forever
Because everything seems so
perfect when we
are together.

You hardly touch nor kiss me these days
We hardly play our favourite songs when we make love
Or maybe I’m overreacting
But I doubt I am.

I can see through your eyes
I can see you have captured all physical appearance in her
I know why though –
I don’t have a body like hers she has
Not as attractive as she is
However – I’m always attached to you.

I wish you could touch me like you do to her
I still listen to your lies even though I know the truth
I take threats from her all because I vowed darling
Your love has blinded me hence I let you fuck her before me.

All the songs you had dedicated to me
They now turned out to be lies
How could I have been so dump –
I still believe you when you hold my hand
And tell me I’m your world
But you still run after what the world has.

I let you built a foundation in my heart
That’s why your lies don’t even break a brake
I still go everywhere with you because
Everything seems so perfect when we are together
I love you still – While you lover her.



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