I’m A Virgin;I’m Not A Virgin

1)Prostitute heart, virgin body :

I do not have a virgin heart..
It’s been fucked with,
And torn apart.
My heart is a prostitute,
Getting payed with love-filled lies.
My Virgin body isn’t yet caught up.
I gave all that was inside of me,
Trying to protect what I was born with,
My cleanliness, my virginity,
My purity.
My virgin body is white, pure, clean.
But my heart is black, broken, dead..
Waiting to be revived.
So please, revive my heart,
But don’t take my body.


2)Taking the blood of a virgin :

The blood of a virgin
Which is needed for spells
I’ll sell you some, for 99 cents
Or maybe take all this virgin blood from me,
I wont charge you a penny, completely free!
Rid me of the burden,
Of selling my blood
It’s getting tiring,
The people who ask me where its from.
I say, of course its not from me,
I take it from that chick who sits by the sea
But really she’s dirty,
And the virgin is me.

Poetess Dee


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