Homosexuality And The Bible !!

Quite recently I came across a post that talks deeply against homosexuality & how wrong and disgusting it is.
The post even had quotes from the Bible and whatnot,We can agree that YES,HOMOSEXUALITY IS WRONG !!

But before we throw stones at those ‘practising’ same sex relationships can we look at these :

*The Bible says women shouldn’t speak in the church,
So why are women preaching in the church?
*The Bible also says women should be in total submission and subjected to their husbands,
Would you be submissive and subjected to your husband?
*The Bible also says that slaves should obey their slave masters do you support slavery?
*The Bible also says women shouldn’t go to church when on menstruation, while do women go to church during their menstruation?
*The Bible says we should not fornicate, but fornication is just like a normal or daily activities to us.
*The Bible says when a man forces a woman to lie with her that the man should be put to death, would you stone a man who raped a woman?
*And to make it even shorter, the Bible says we should obey everything written there in the Bible and that we shouldn’t favor one over the other and that all sins are equal.
*Mind you,How many have had sex before marriage.
*How many have children out of wedlock?
*How many of us lie?
*How many of us sin in all other ways ??

I can’t condemn one sin over the other  because I sin differently from them, we shouldn’t cherry-pick the Bible in other to make it suit our religious or Biblical views.



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