White Lie !!

White lie :
The mirror reminds me that I am oppressed
Curls of my black hair bounds me
The colour of my skin segregates me
I am tossed aside by my oppressors
I am limited, they claim my soul
With sugarcoated lies, so I am told.

Though my ancestors fought for freedom, I am a servant in my own home
Everywhere I go I am reminded that I am owned
My sisters and brothers are slowing consumed by their lies
The society declares me ugly because I don’t put on fake hair called a weave, a mark of a slave who has forgotten its way
They are mentally enslaved

Slowly we change
Slowly we change the way we speak
Slowly we change the way we talk
Even the way we walk..
The way we dress and slowly the way we think..
Enslaving us from freedom once again
Blinded by their fake smiles
We parade the mile
Read between the lines!
How long will we hide?
How long will we turn a blind eye?
How long will we be enslaved into darkness painted as light?!
Beauty has no color nor shape
But it is carved in our souls,
It is only erased by hate!

Redink ft. Poetess Dee



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