I Am Lesbian;What Type Of Lesbian Are You ?!

V1. The Versatile Dyke AKA “the lost somewhere in between” dyke..***New category***


This is the type of dyke that constantly keeps the masses guessing…is she a stud, is she a femme? Sometimes when you see her out, she is dressed totally femme, yet other times she does the Tomboy/Soft butch thing. She is attracted to good-looking butch types, but just as attracted to stunning femmes. She likes what is pleasing to her eye. If she is with a stud, she acts the submissive part and is totally femme (she does not do Tomboys/Soft butches that often, only because they can’t keep her in check like a Butch can). When she is with a femme, she plays the dominant role, and will occasionally do the Soft butch/Tomboy thing, if her girls want it like that. In bed she can be dominant or submissive, whatever she is called on to be. But don’t be misled by this one, home girl can work a strap-on or her tongue as well as any butch/tomboy can.

Poetess Dee



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