I Concluded !!

I concluded,
I concluded about men,
I finally found a way of describing them,
They always take,take and take more
They take even when we say “NO” !!

It was on a Friday night
When he came home wasted
He found her playing with her dolls –
Maybe he saw a woman when he pulled down his pants with his puissant strength.
She said “Uncle NO,I’m still a child” with trembling voice and tears filled in her eyes.

He pursued as he put his filthiness in her clean and precious gold

Just after he had done the damage,
Blood was flowing all over the floor,
She cried until she couldn’t anymore.

He took her innocence
He took her happiness
He took her virginity
He took her future

He blamed it on the liquor,
She cried and reminded him “Uncle,I said NO & yet you continued” !!

Andile Ndlovu



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