Free Education | You Wish !!

Before any of you pass judgement & unnecessary comments ..
I too am a varsity students & my parents pay my fees out their own pockets !!

They screaming #FeesMustFall  #FreeEducation
Now tell me this …

You want free basic education right, {Gr.R-12}
You want free jobs,Right
You want free housing,Right
You want free water,Right
You want free electricity,Right
And now you want varsity level to be free,Right
And then you gonna party & fail .. ?!

And then y’all go have kids and still you want
Free money,Right

How exactly is the country going to generate money,
And don’t tell me about Nkandla and Whatnots …

Yes maybe 50% of the country’s youth is unable to afford fees & bursaries cater for a certain “category”.

Striking can be the right thing to do at times
But then again its not always the best.

You came from Limpopo to Johannesburg to study,
You only go back home during December
You get involved in striking;The police come & you get shot
You die & no ones knows exactly who and where you come from.

You left your family/friends behind and you think
The government cares .. Nay it doesn’t.
President Jacob Zuma will go back to his Nkandla & life goes on.

What’s my point ??
Do what’s right for you,
Never mind what the rest of the world does
Its your future & yours alone.

One last thing yes … What WE do now
Will impact our children one way or another …
Be smart maan & stop following the crowd !!



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