The Creative Behind The : LGBTI Documentary

Dieketseng Dawn Nthede:

I am a 21year old young lady from Kempton Park,Eastrand gauteng.I am currently studying Archives And Records Management through the University of South Africa.

I am a Christian before anything else.
I am a poetess,writer,performer,director,adviser,motivator,
student counsellor among many more.

I am the co-founder of Tell’Apathy (Alongside Bongiwe Khumalo) which is a artistic based organization.Mainly giving platform to young artists (Poets,Rappers,Crews etc.) to showcase their talent.


I am popularly known as Dee-Kay or/and Poetess Dee.
•I have recently started making documentaries,
The first was The Voice Of Arts which was to document an artists life before fame.Due to unfortunate circumstances it is currently on hold.
•Second is the LGBIT (Lesbians,gays,bisexuals,intersexuals,
transsexuals) which is all about getting homosexuals voice out there .. Their profiles have been uploaded on and the videos will follow shortly !!

Stay logged in for more about me Poetess Dee 🙂 – My email)



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