Or So I Though !!

Or So I Thought.

I thought I was alright,
That I had grown calloused to the pain
That I was finally at peace with
The memories of those last years.

I thought I was beyond
The panic that would seize me
Each time I called 10111,
Fighting the emotional surge of fear
As the operator shot
Question after question at me.

I thought I was past the guilt 
Of not being good enough 
At balancing how to be your 24 hour 
Untrained nurse and your daughter 
At the same time

I thought I was over
The feeling of helplessness 
When there was nothing I could do 
Those last days
But ease the symptoms and watch
As your body shut down.

I thought I was finally able to pack up
These memories and move on…

Or So I Thought.



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