Phatness Is A Bitch.

Phatness is a bitch.

He must really love her body
how could he not?
unlike mine’s , hers is wonderland
Those thigh gap of hers
is more than my Finger’s gaps
This chubby cheeks of mine
fails badly infront of her ass
this little height,fat filled inside
I’m not even good for a sight

To everyone’s”how are you?” question
I reply ” I am fat,alright?”
I know there’s nothing wrong with me 
thats just a fat inside
This fat loves my body so much 
so how can I hide?
it might feel bad
so I console myself,its alright
I mean,
I can live without thigh gap & height
those stomach in and ass out is compromised
I am better person inside
hahaha I am kidding
I must be really high
I need that slim body outside.

What girls would not want to be Slim?


I look at her,And being slim is all I want for me.


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