Melinda My Daughter!


Melinda my daughter!
When I told you to be careful with your body,
You faked an innocent face and acted as if you were nodding.
But now look,Your stomach is bigger than the pot that I use to cook.And you have now made it a habit,
That every night before you sleep you must vomit.

Melinda my daughter!
Did I not tell you that sex before marriage is a sin,
That your dress should cover your ankles and your thighs should never be seen.But you still exposed your legs like meat for sale in a butchery,Now you are pregnant with triplets while your lover is in clubs manoeuvring.

Melinda my daughter!
When I ordered you to come  home before dark,
You looked at me as though my face had an ugly looking mask,
Now you’re afraid of even going to the shop.Now you spit thick saliva every time without a stop.

Melinda my daughter!
Did you know you will contact gonorrhoea when you parcelled out your center to your warrior?
Did you – Did you ?!?


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