Six Men And A Pipe.

Six men and a pipe :

Every second a woman is raped,
Every second a mother is raped,
Every second a girl is raped,
Every second a child is raped.

I sit in my room and think,
I sit in the smallest room,
I sit and face the darkest wall,
I sit and wonder.

Tears fill my eyes,
I try so hard not to cry
but the drops do as they please,
The salt sits on my lips
and my tongue tastes it.

I sit there not because I want to but because I’m hiding,
I try to hide away from
you but you always manage to find me,
I hear your foot steps approaching,
I hear you making noise,
I can already tell you drunk – Again.
You tell your friends not to worry,
I tried to wipe my tears off
but it was useless,
You walked in
Laughing and calling my name … Lights went on,
I said a prayer.

You came toward and it’s okay,
Your cold hands touched my face,
You kissed my forehead,
“We were interuped”,
Your friends came in,
Carring bottles and a pipe,
My tears became a riverfall.

You said I should be still,
I couldin’t be still,
There’s no way I’d be still,
How could I be still,

120 fingers tickled me,
12 hands undressed me,
6 men helped themselves,
1 pipe hurt me.

I screamed;I said no,
I screamed;I said stop,
I screamed;I said no,
I screamed;I said stop.

But to you;It was a “go on”.

You eventually stopped,
You all laughed,
You all kissed me,
You all said you’d be back.

You left;Mum stood by the door,
She said it was a pleasure doing business with the men,
I cried more,
How could my parents sell me,
Doesin’t carrying me for 9month mean anything,
Doesin’t 11 years of raising me up mean anything,
Doesin’t my crys mean anything,
Doesin’t being your daughter mean anything ??

Every second I am raped.
Six men and a pipe.

Poetess Dee



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