*Just because you tattooed a cross on your body doesn’t mean you’re a Christian
Just because you have a picture of a white man in white gown doesn’t mean you’re a Christian, either
It’s not even about your Facebook or WhatsApp profile picture
What do you know about holiness?
How can you be so proud? have you ever read the word?
Let me tell you about Corinthians love
It’s not proud, have no envy.
Hey, Corinthians love is so kind
It doesn’t make favours and It’s so healthy!
I’m writing this piece to address those who think they’re better than other people who do not use crosses and pictures to symbolise holiness.
Ask yourself this question: what do I know about idolatry?
Who said Jesus is that white man? Or who said Jesus had a long hair?
Refer to 1Corinthians 11:14
Now tell me, do you think that possession of a picture can make you a Christian?
If so, then is christianity righteous?
What if that man is a symbol of devil himself?
What if he’s not the lamb who was slain?
Just because that picture is known worldwide, it doesn’t mean it cannot be a mistake
Listen… We are being fooled here, Jesus Christ is not natural but spiritual being
He’s the one who lives inside your body
He’s your guts, fears and faith.
He is the writer of your life’s story.
All you can ever need is righteousness to be holy
People have different views on him
But let me enlighten you. He is that “I am “in you
He’s no material being. Jesus Christ is you!



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