Judge Me Not.


Be happy alone (but be happier with a man).
Be sad, (but don’t show it). 
Be stupid, be smart, fall for all of our plots. 
Be this! Be that! Be YOU!
(Be just unique enough that you are just like our other 1,000,000 readers). 

Laugh a lot with your perfectly straight teeth. 
(Don’t let them see the stains from the acid that creeps).
Lose it, curb it, fight it, crunch it, boost it, control it. 
fuck him, tease him, suck him, blow his mind 
(but don’t be a slut, because nobody likes a stupid slut). 

You’re not wearing the right jeans, 
You’re not wearing the right shirt, 
(But they’d probably look better if you followed these steps to lose 5 pounds in 5 days)
((and dyed and cut your hair))
(((and put your makeup on just right)))


love yourself (just enough to lose yourself,) 
because then, 
then you are on the path to improvement. 
you are one step closer to that 
(hand selected, perfectly manicured, potentially, possibly, probably starving) 
(who is still not quite good enough to make it without photoshop). 

Because Kate Moss tells me, 
“Nothing taste’s as good as skinny feels,”
and maybe she’s right. 


Because this fat doesn’t sit quite right, 
it lumps and bumps. It muffin tops.
It’s sloppy, I’m lazy, I eat too much
Maybe I should cut my carbs
and meat
(and everything in between)

Because my size 8 self is plus size to the ones that control my mind.
Because to be a plus is really a negative,
and to be a zero really means that I’m a ten. 
Because to be skinny is to succeed. 
And to succeed is to win. 
And winning is all part of the system, right? 

So, yes Cosmo, I’ll pluck and shave. 
I’ll flirt and curl
I’ll cut and count
I’ll smile and cry
I’ll suck and blow
I’ll smoke my eyes and cover up my zits
I’ll use my mirror to photoshop out every flaw that makes me beautiful
and maybe, maybe someday I’ll be just as lifeless as the girls in your magazine.


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