When Our Dreams Have Wings

When our dreams have wings,
we can do most anything.
See this world,
in rainbow colors
and know that something good,
is just around the bend.

When our dreams have wings.
we can be like birds high above,
seeing the world,
while daydreaming on clouds sailing by.

When our dreams have wings,
we have happiness –
which never fails us.
We can see the positive,
about mostly everything
and know that there is always hope –
just beyond reach.
That someday,
everything will fall into place
and we’ll have a big smile on our face.

When our dreams have wings,
they keep us always on top of things,
we never fail to remember
and we never give up –
till our best dreams come true.

When our dreams have wings,
our hearts are lighter,
our days much brighter.
We live and love much more intently
and never ever,
forget to sing a merry tune.
We must wait,
someday surely our lives will be great.
In the mean time we hold on,
we live, we wait, we hope
and before we can even realize,
the time we spend with family and friends –
is the best of times in our lives.
Each day there is some sun,
the clouds above do have silver linings.

If we keep on dreaming,
if we keep on loving,
if we keep on living and believing.
Treasuring all that we already have,
soon we’ll see,
that sometimes what we have is enough
and that fulfilling another dream or two,
is just adding some magic to our lives, 
that are already filled with riches and blessings –
when our dreams have wings.

Poetess Dee



2 thoughts on “

  1. “… When our dreams have wings we can do whatever our hearts desire, When our dreams have wings they are able to fly us over and let us go see into the future,When our dreams have wings we become the best we can be …”

    My daily inspiration Dee,I love you …. BooOoom (lol)

    Liked by 1 person

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