Love Addiction.

Love Addiction

Addicts are alternatively attached
Perpendicularly powered! Proves are there…
Love is an addict! Not a text, can’t edit
Only the bold dive with their heads over there.
Yet blood is split, trained, sucked and only hope to make it
It’s an addiction men and woman wear those over there
It does not chose rich or poor, weak or strong, be or not,
It just sink in, like a butterfly on the troubled stool
Spreading cancer from unknown sender
We fall, we love, we get hurt, we tall slander
We wash wounds
And above all we are all addicts.
Cause after all , despite the pain, we still fall in, dancing on the rain.

Trace his lips outline with my thumb
His deep eyes watch me
How can I explain it to him
He’s heroin
His lips are needles
I want to taste them
Feel their sting
As soon as our “needles” touch
I’m high
The more we kiss the more I want it!
Spun sugar heroin
Sweet and dangerous
My drug
My love

Love is unpredictable
It’s indescribable
Love its like some injections you addicted to them
If you don’t use them you begin to shrivel
Love is an addiction that no one gets use to it.

Love its not just a town
Town that can take you down
But its an addiction that can give you the crown.
She is my bone collector
To me she is my injector
Without her I’m dead
I’m addicted to her
She is part of me, the part I don’t want to let go of it
But the good thing is we are both addicted
Addicted, afflicted,  attracted to one another
Indeed we are the addicted lovers.

Written (Collaboration) by :
Isaac Navigator Da Poet
Thee narrator
Thee Poetess Dee

Copyright is reserved.


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