Cheating Is Wrong !!

I hate it when people label cheating as a “mistake”. First of all a “mistake” is an action that gets you an unintended result. You didn’t mean to do it. Cheating is a choice. If you cheat you knew it would hurt your partner and you did it anyway. So how is that a mistake? it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been with someone. If they can sacrifice your marriage for some excitement then it means they don’t value the marriage and don’t respect you enough to try out whatever their fantasies are with you and for that,a devorce would be better. I won’t put my health at risk of STDs or HIV for the sake of children.

I rather have my kids be raised by two seperated happy parents than in a marriage of two unhappy individuals where there is no longer trust. In such cases,there will always be suspicion and arguements. The last thing children need is to be in a household where bickering is a daily routine. These circumstances sometimes lead to violence in the household. Children don’t need that and we as men don’t really forgive as easily or move on as easily. Women don’t too. They just forcefully try to move on after their man has cheated and claim to have forgiven,but their actions show that they haven’t because when a woman calls you they want to know who it is,what they want and also go through your phone and stuff. This show she no longer trusts you. What is a marriage without trust?


2 thoughts on “Cheating Is Wrong !!

  1. Mmmm .. If only the world could see things like you do.

    But beware thou .. Kids/children don’t always understand and they may hate you for separating with their father/mother.

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