I’m Too Tired !!

Ever been surrounded by loads of people
People you love and care for
But still,The loneliness gets to you ??

Ever been at your ‘happy’ place
Searching for your happiness
But still,Tears keep rolling down ??

Ever looked at the person you call your pride&joy
One who’s meant to make you smile
But still,Emptiness fills you ??

Well – I’ve felt it all,
I’ve seen it all,
I’ve been through it all.

Land me your eyes&ears
And allow me to tell you a story.

Do not snap your fingers
Nor clap hands for me
For this is no poem
But a piece of my life.

Each day gets harder & harder,
Each day they tell tales about me,
Each day they care less & less.

Look at my arms(wrists) and see my story,
A scare for rejection;for hatred
For failure;for disappointment.

See,Society says ‘Be yourself,Do you’
The very same society that trashes you.

I’m trying to do my best
I just don’t know how much longer I can take it
I am tired of trying.

Death;Death I invite you in
Come and take me away
Come and make me yours.

Poetess Dee



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