Rape Is Real;Rape Culture !!

isn’t always dark alleys
and whistles 
and pepper spray.
It isn’t always
a stranger,
they don’t always 
look dangerous.
Whether it is 
your boyfriend
or your teacher
or your uncle,
they are no longer on your side.
This is your attacker.

Do not be silent.
Do not be afraid to make a scene.
Whether it is a movie theatre
or a street corner
or your bedroom,
let no resonate from your lungs
so they cannot say they didn’t hear you.
Send him home,
tell your parents,
tell your friends,
tell the police.
is not always
drunk men outside bars
or keys clenched between white knuckles.
Sometimes rape is silent.
Do not be silenced.


men ask us
“what is a rape culture?”

when a woman’s “no”
enters through the mind of a man and comes out as
“convince me”
that is a rape culture 

when i cannot walk down the streets at night
without my keys between my fingers
that is a rape culture

when a victim is blamed
and a criminal is sympathized with because
“he had such a bright future”
that is a rape culture

when he was an adult and i was a child
and you dare to ask me what i was wearing
that is a rape culture

so if you’re asking me
“what is a rape culture”
i will tell you

it is our fucking culture

Poetess Dee


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