I’ll Be Here,Waiting To Be Abused !

Please, close the door, and lock it shut.

These feelings are the death of me.

Unbearable sadness coupled with undying rage
Drives me sane, woke up in the hospital with a cold sweat.

All alone – Alone with my thoughts, I cannot sleep
So I stare at the white ceiling thinking of you,
Wondering what I could have done to deserve this.
I tried to be a good girlfriend, I know sometimes it doesn’t seem like it,
I am full of love, but I don’t know who to love.

Opening up to you took more effort than imaginable,
you take it for granted, but that’s okay.
Use and abuse me I’ll take the abuse.

Only because I love you that much and I can’t seem to walk away from you .. Use and abuse me;,I’ll take the abuse.

Poetess Dee



13 thoughts on “I’ll Be Here,Waiting To Be Abused !

  1. 🙂 Thanx Musa .. I really do hope that you never hurt your woman.Love her always & when you no longer feel the love and whatnot,Please – Just be honest and let go of her.

    Thank you for passing by.

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  2. Am here in the darkest corner of your life trying to light the light of my love you but you always turn a blind eye and s deaf ear to mu rhymes of love.I waited for your undying feelings of love all my life. At times when u break down I wish to cuddle the the chubbiness of yours n force a phrase out of my lips and say nice piece my queen

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    1. 🙂 if that were truth I would not be afraid – afraid that you would do anything to me .. To hurt me as you do – Always !!

      Let me be,Let me suffer in silence !!

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      1. In my deepest silence I felt a texture of the unknown. Warming and comforting me in my darkest days of Knight’s. The vision was dull,black,foggy but I happen to capture a glimpse of your face .ever since that day I loved you in darkest nights I yearned to frame that Jewish moment with you. I gow down with one knee before the throne and all thrones that I will never hurt a woman of your calibre who lights my days without knowing her.

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  3. Am here awaiting for your indying feelings of love my queen.all of my life I’ve pouring showers of love to love hearts,noe that I’ve heard of you and seen you all I ever does is to think of building a way to your heart my queen.

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      1. Cant wait for that day,can’t wait to share a piece with the best writers that will be a huge honor for me. It will be like sharing a mic and a stage with you.wish thay day could come soon

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      2. I’d love that my Queen I’d truly love that n I won’t die before such happens
        It would be s hugr honor for me to share my work with such an incredible writer of your calibre

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