What If .. ?!



What If…‎


What if a black girl knew that she would be desired by others only if she desired herself first, And that beauty is not in the mindset but the confidence she carries.


What if a black girl knew that her lips are perfect as they are and she need not suck her cheeks in to be kissed.


What if the sun could speak in words,

And the heat be exclamation

What if the moon could sing lullabies,

And it’s brightness be a cuddle

What if skies were mirrors, 

And reflects only truth.


Perhaps the black girl would walk bold,

Perhaps she would pile aside lies she’s been told ?


What if she accepted her life,

Maybe then she would smile often,

Or perhaps she would stop self harm !!

What if man gave her confidence.


The Cruelty Of Self-Slavery

Verses the beauty of self-acceptancy,

Thoughts Of Brutality

Murdering self esteem and self identity.


What if she knew her true worth,

Her true purpose on this earth.

Perhaps she’d never market her soul

Perhaps she wouldn’t feel so lone.


What its all useless,

What if she’s worthless – Really.

Would it be her fault or her care giver’s,

Would it be okay for her to carry on with no purpose 

Or would society step in ??


What if a black girl turned white,

Would her blindness turn to sight

Or would she accept

And turn away from other Black’s ?


What if a black girl knew,

What if she knew ?


Raymond Ray X Poetess Dee‎


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