Hi,I’m A Worldie

Hi,I’m a worldie
You really can’t be surprised by that when I spend all my days indoors, When I do go out,
Its just so that you can see me,
Well,Not really but what is on the outside – Makes sense,Right ??

Hi,I’m a worldie
I feel a little bit caged,
Hill and storms are above my weight, my work is never great;My life is a threat.

I fear living with regrets
I’m born, bread and bettered in poverty like a bird I place my head high, with my pride I’m living a lie. I’m confusing.

Hi,I’m a worldie,
Weave shinny
Eyebrows fleeking
Make-up on 3D

Poverty or not,
I need to to look good,
I need to be flying at all times,
I need not wait for regrets.

Let me be,
Let me live my life,
Let me have my pride.

Let me tell my story
Hi,I’m a worldie
I choose to live for me.
Do me;
Never cater for others.
I choose to own my space, With few friends whatever
I do shall Commerce.
I don’t believe in avenge yet
I preserve a room for Karma
I don’t seek validation
For all I do is approved
I’m a loop hole
I can be stressful at times.

Hi,I’m a worldie
Keep your thoughts to yourself will you,
I used to care but no more,I’m over it
I’m over you – All of you !!

Hi,I’m a worldie
And this is my story.

Poetess Dee X Da SpaceIMG_20170901_202241.png


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