The Love Within !!

The love within :

Said it was love,
Love made me cry
I was in love yet
So lonely with
Nothing but sweet
Memories of us.

Told mama about you
She said you ain’t good for me
I defended you
You deceived
You decided to leave me.

Mama brooded meds
Said to make sure
You touch them,
Didn’t know why
Nor what would happen,
Didn’t care much either.

I saw you walk past
Greening like nothing happened
I ran for you
Took your soft hands
Left the stone in them
And ran off.

You didn’t alter any words
Didn’t even try ask what it’s for
Or stop me from leaving,
You didn’t care about
You didn’t love me
You didn’t stop me.

Next I heard
Women ran from you
Like you did from me,
You were weak
Too weak to keep a woman,
No manhood
You nothing now.

Mama knew it all
Mama cared for me,
Sometimes I miss you
I miss us actually
I miss how I was yours
And you my man.

You ain’t no man
Nothing but an
Uncircumcised self-centered
Bastard son of a Philippine.

Poetess Dee


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